The Firm

It is our structure, approach and experience that differentiate our services and results.

Our sole mission is to be the firm of choice for clients with the most challenging of engagements, domestically and abroad. It has never been our custom to solicit a large volume of cases through a sales department, only to outsource the investigation of your most sensitive matters. This industry common practice not only dilutes quality, but serves to violate the trust, privacy and expectations of the client. Our investigators come from a variety of legal and investigative disciplines.

We are a licensed investigative and intelligence consulting firm, solely dedicated to providing industry-leading services and solutions to:

Individuals, Families, and Trusts.
General and In-house Counsel to include their legal staff, department heads, Boards of Directors, and the outside counsel they retain.
Litigators and Trial Attorneys.
Transactional Counsel and Corporate Advisors.
Public relations and media consultants

The Framé Group, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Michael F. Framé. Please contact our office for Mr. Framé’s CV and references.