“Michael’s work on that case was not only a superlative, but the linchpin to a very successful outcome. I have worked with many investigators in my career and know that there are investigators who go through the motions and do a competent job and investigators who go through the extra length to really make a difference to a case. Michael is clearly of the latter group and I would recommend him highly in any case when investigation is going to play a critical role.”

Cristina C. Arguedas, Esq.
Arguedas, Cassman, Headley, & Goldman LLP

“I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Framé over the course of the past two years. During that period of time, he has conducted extensive investigations for me and has been particular assistance in two matter which proceed to lengthy, and successful, jury trials. Mr. Framé is extremely professional, resourceful, responsive and articulate. He is a credit to his profession and recommend him without reservation.”

– Ralph A. Lombardi, Esq.
Harden, Cook, Loper, Engel & Bergez LLP

“I want to thank you for your efforts again in connection with this matter. I’m convinced that without your hard work and perseverance the District Attorney’s office would not have taken the case or stayed interested enough to see it through. Under difficult circumstances, you were able to bring him to justice and make a financial recovery as well…… please use me as a reference with prospective clients who are interested in a diligent private investigator who gets results.”

– Cory D. Heith
General Counsel, Siemens Business Communications Systems

“The City of Walnut Creek initially retained Mr. Michael Framé in December of 1993 for the purposes of conducting investigation of a complaint of sexual harassment which allegedly occurred over a fourteen-year period of time. To conduct such investigation in-house would have been virtually impossible, given the number of potential witnesses to be interviewed, spanning those fourteen years, and the severity and complexity of the allegations; hence, a decision to retain an independent investigator was made. Mr. Framé conducted himself with a distinct error of professionalism diplomacy which can, oftentimes, be difficult given the subject matter of these types of investigations. He was reliable, prompt, and very professional.”

– Amara L. Koss
Assistant City Attorney, City of Walnut Creek

“I have a 35 year background in law enforcement.  Almost all of those years were spent working in various investigative units, 10 of which were spent supervising major crimes investigations for a large Bay Area Police Department.  
The first time I had occasion to work with the owner of the Framé Group, Michael Framé, his office was representing a very large company that had been embezzled out of a very large amount of money.  While normally my division only handled serious incidents involving violence, the amount of money embezzled made the case noteworthy and brought into the purview of major crimes. An embezzlement case is extremely complex and involves many hours of very painstaking and exacting follow up investigation.  Prior to assigning the case to an investigator I wanted to speak with Mr. Framé and explain that a successful prosecution of the case could only be had if there was a commitment by his office to do a thorough and timely background investigation and to provide tons of supporting paperwork, along with doing summations of interviews with his client’s employees.
Mr. Frame took meticulous notes at our meeting, and assured me that his office would come back with all of the records and materials that I was requesting very soon.  We parted company and I actually didn’t expect to have him ever return, as the amount of follow up work I was requesting from him was going to be too extensive.  However, I was very wrong.  In a matter of days, not weeks and months, Mr. Framé returned with a complete, concise and very professional follow up investigation.  So complete in fact, that his report and substantiating paper work was taken to the District Attorney without further investigation needed, and a warrant of arrest was issued upon their review.  
Over the ensuing years, I had occasions to work with the Framé Group and always found them to be highly professional, competent and worthy of high praise  If I personally was in need of a private investigation, the Framé Group would be the very first place I would turn to.”

– Bob Davis
Lieutenant of Police, San Francisco Police Department

“I utilized Michael’s services since December of 1991, on a continual basis, as had other members of my firm. Michael’s experience, coupled with his dedication, produces results I can depend upon. He is prompt, diligent, knowledgeable…… I would recommend Michael without hestitation.”

– William E. Gagen, Jr., Esq.
The Law Offices of Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci