In an increasingly violent world, domestic and international concerns are faced with a new dilemma in ridding their operations of those committing crime. This challenge is especially prevalent in gaming, high-tech, manufacturing, finance and banking, and logistics/transportation. Criminal factions to include Mexican drug cartels are infiltrating American business far beyond our border states, and through foreign connections.

Traditionally, organizations would rely on law enforcement or internal security personnel to identify those committing crime. Arrests would be made and prosecutions brought. This option is no longer viable in many circumstances throughout the United States or in troubled regions such as Mexico, South America, and portions of the Pacific Rim. New and bold criminal factions have executed judges, police officers, and internal investigators with impunity. The mere hint of a criminal investigation can endanger employees if not conducted in an appropriate manner.

The Framé Group offers a wide variety of solutions which are detailed in the Crime Detection and Abatement section of our Services menu.