In the past twenty-four months, we have developed information on numerous schemes designed to damage the public image of our clients, or those seeking to shape public opinion. Listed below is a sample of what we have recently discovered through our blogging investigations:

Competitors setting up pretext websites (such as doctor review sites) to damage the reputation of the client company and key personnel prior to an important trial. The false content on this website was disseminated utilizing an offshore server in an attempt to poison a potential pool of jurors.

A blog created by a group of cappers seeking to solicit new clients related to a product liability issue. Through our investigation, we identified the source who directed the cappers, and simultaneously learned they encouraged potential new Plaintiffs to lie about their alleged injuries.

A blog surreptitiously created by the employee of a client. Through the blog, the employee disseminated confidential information relating to the criminal acts of a fellow employee, drawing the attention of the FBI to the blog who initiated an investigation.

Competitors releasing misappropriated documents relating to a client’s product design flaw, obtained through a disgruntled employee.
Competitor’s blogging confidential information obtained from an internal investigation conducted by our client.
In our process, the first step is to identify the blogger and where the information is being disseminated from. Secondly, we develop information as to the bloggers associations or contacts with those potentially wishing to harm the client. Third, we develop strategies to stop the offensive and often actionable behavior.